Welcome to MitaCell Wellness

Based on a culture of only producing the best products with the highest results, MitaCell Wellness was born.

We strive to provide the best and the Elipsoid Mita Technology guarantees this, providing the most effective results due to the amazing 97%-100% absorption rate as well as the purest ingredients.

Our Technology


OurElipsoid Mita technologyencapsulates fat-soluble ingredients in naturally formed structures, so they become water-soluble. This dramatically increases the bioavailability of the ingredients to almost 100%.
Examples of such active substances are: Fatty Acids (ie: Omega-3 and Cannabis Oil), Fat-soluble Vitamins (ie: Vitamin D3, E and K) and other natural substances that normally have low bio-availability (ie: Curcumin).
Even the absorption of water-soluble ingredients (ie: Vitamin C) can be improved by our technology.

Through scientific research we have found that our EMT structures are also very well absorbed by the cells, and therefore can optimally deliver active ingredients to the required place of action.

This technology has been in development for over 30 years to prepare EMT soluble solutions outside the body as a way of administering fat-soluble substances in a water-soluble form, with exceptionally
high absorption rates of 97% to 100%.

Quality, Effective, and amazing!

If you want an effective solution with your supplements then you need the best. MitaCell Wellness offer a range of supplementsALLutilising the Elipsoid Mita Technology for maximum absorption of 97% -100% unlike your normal high street brands where the absorption levels will only be between 7% and 15%. A few drops is enough!